Besides the table partitioning to improve performance and costs in BigQuery, there is also another technique available called clustering.

A little heads-up: Clustering and partitioning don’t preempt each other. And in most cases, it makes sense to use both in conjunction.

What are clustered tables?

Using clustered tables, BigQuery automatically organizes and colocates related…

Especially when working with Big Data, costs can quickly explode, and performance can degrade fast when data starts to pile up.

BigQuery offers the possibility to create partitioned tables that helps to prevent exploding costs and decreasing performance.

Of course, the use case has to fit the idea behind partitioning…

This article should provide a short introduction to using the GCP Firestore emulator on your local machine to develop your Go application instead of using an actual GCP project.

Requirements for this short tutorial

  • Working Go Environment
  • Installed gcloud SDK

Why using an emulator in the first place?

There are a lot of (obvious) reasons for using a local emulator. Nevertheless, I will…

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